Pre-Immigration Tax Planning






Tax planning for non-residents

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning should be a priority for any family moving to the U.S on an immigrant or permanent visa. When the client does not have a clear understanding about how they are taxes in the U.S this could result in a hefty “surprise” tax bill. Many prospects and clients are unaware of when they are considered a U.S Tax Resident. Furthermore, it is difficult to understand the differences between how a particular transaction or income is taxed in the U.S compared to their home country. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a proper plan long before moving to the U.S. Our pre-immigration tax planning service involves an overall analysis of the client’s financial picture currently, as well as using the client’s projected income and transactions to provide a detailed blueprint that explains:

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Restructuring strategies to minimize or eliminate tax in the U.S

Projection of the tax impact after applying our suggested plan compared to the tax impact before any restructuring strategyA premier network of professionals in other areas such as Estate and Trust attorneys to provide succession and estate planning (drafting of a Trust, for example)How their income is taxed in the U.S and an overview of U.S tax rules that is relevant to their situation


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